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Privacy Statement Document 

How Do We Use Your Information?

We do not sell, hire or make available your information collected and held by us to any third party unless required by Government or a legal/law enforcement agency.
We use your information we collect for the following purposes…
  1. To provide our services and products to you or your business.
  2. To communicate with you and/or send occasional email updates.
  3. Respond to your enquiries and other customer services.
  4. For trouble shooting and maintaining security of our services and information
  5. To contact you with news or products and services we may deem to be of benefit or of interest to you.
  6. To manage or update your online account with us.

Protection of financial information or transactions.

We do not collect or store any Credit Card or Banking details at any time of you or your business for our services on our website(s) or servers. We may give you details of our bank if you need to make a direct bank to bank payment to us. We will never ask you for your personal or business banking details. All your payments to us are processed using an SSL SECURE CONNECTION  via PayPal or Stripe our authorised payment gateways.

Analytics and IP tracing information.

  1. We may use third-party analytic services to analyse site metrics and performance,
  2. For analysing our site visitor metrics and preferences. 
  3. Address technical issues, to optimise our services for better user experiences. 
  4. To serve personalised content to you through the use of technologies such as cookies, sessions and other similar online technologies.

Third Party Interactions

We link or display third party information/advertising or links.on various pages of our websites. These instances link to websites that operate totally independently from us and we recommend you thoroughly review their Privacy documentation and Terms and Conditions and any information they may collect, store or use. We have no control over, or responsibility for,  content or use of such information provided by such websites or providers. 
An example of such links…
Social media websites.
Geo Location services
Interactive mapping and address services.
Content/advert providers the likes of Apple and Google
You can unsubscribe from any or all of our services at any time and we will delete and scrub all of your information and data on our systems. Please allow 7 days from notification.
It you have any Privacy concerns in the first instance please contact us anytime via our email address
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