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At COMBO MARKETING you have 2 options when it comes to Domain Name Management.

www.domain name1) You can go straight here to COMBO DOMAINS and register your own Domain Name right NOW.

Then build your website and launch it when you are ready.

2) We can register a Domain Name and manage it for you on your behalf. No hassle, no stress, no worries.


Let Combo.Marketing take the hassle and worry out of all you domain name requirements. Hundreds of new extensions are now available.

Choosing your domain Name is a very important step and needs to be given some careful thought. Drop us a line here if you would like some advice or help on choosing or registering a domain name.

Try to keep it short but related to your business or brand so it will be easy for people to remember.

Send us your registration preferences and we can check availablity and cost for you.

We can then register your chosen name(s) on your behalf with you as the registered owner of the name. If you have a new domain name you would like registered ...

SEND IN YOUR REQUEST HERE  we will be back in touch soon.


Here Are Some Of The Many Extensions Availabledomain-name-registration

There are of coarse many others ...

New Zealnd ... ;  ; .nz  ; ; ; 

Most Countries have ther own extention. eg: .us ;  .au  ; .uk  ; .fr  ; .cn  ; .ca ; and many others.

There are many generic extensions.  .com  ; .net  ; .org  ; .marketing  ; .domains  ; .marketing  ; and hundreds of others.




we will check availabilty on your behalf and be in touch

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